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You Deserve More Options To Feel Better Live Healthier Be Happier Live Longer

You Deserve More Options To Feel Better Live Healthier Be Happier Live Longer

Our health and wellness is not a destination – but a journey. 

Rather than relying on modern healthcare for Reactive Cure, we believe people need to have more choices for Preventive & Holistic Care to help sustain our well-being before the worst can happen. 

This is where we come in…


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We deserve more options to take control of our own health & destiny.

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Understanding our DNA can unlock our greatest human potential.

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Personalized solutions work better for us because we are all unique.

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Genuine social connections can make the world a better place.

Founding Story

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The origins of ConnectingDNA started with the life journey of our founder; Cedric Lee, who suffered from eczema and allergies since his childhood.

Despite being in the medical industry for many years, he could not find permanent cure for his condition until he did a DNA test and found out that he is genetically sensitive to gluten.

By connecting knowledge of his biology to his desire for complete natural healing, Cedric managed to solve his health issues using personalized nutrition and lifestyle - and through his ordeals, gained a deeper understanding of alternative wellness solutions that can be complementary to modern medicine.

From these insights, ConnectingDNA is born.

Much like how our DNA connects us as species; ConnectingDNA seeks to use human connection, data technology, holistic solutions, and knowledge of our individual genetics to help people achieve sustainable well-being and greater longevity.

The Team

Everyday we go to work hoping to do two things; make our customers’ lives a little healthier, and make the world a little better. Get to know the people behind ConnectingDNA.

Cedric LEE

Founder & CEO

20 years Biz & Product Development in Medical Health & Technology. Cedric believes in the power of human potential, great ideas & good old-fashioned hard work.

CHOO Ee Ting

Cofounder & CCO

15 years in genetics and operations, & overseas commercial expansion. Ee Ting is also trained in Lifestyle Coaching, & loves to give talks about healthy living through smart eating.

Keith KUEH

CTO/Technology Lead

25 years in Deep Tech, AI Classification & Big Data, Keith has led projects across diverse domains, and is excited about how generative AI can help propel humanity forward. 


Finance/Partnerships Lead

7 years finance, banking & investment analysis in India, UK & US. Ayush works with the government and is passionate about the future of money, startups, &  partnerships.


Senior Web Development

14 years e-commerce & web applications full-stack developer. Gonz loves technology, organic agriculture, and the greater good. He also loves his mango farm.


AI/Database Development

5 years in AI medical data extraction development & research using Python. Esraa loves listening to problems and brainstorming solutions to make lives better.


Customer Service Manager

Multiple years in Service, Hospitality, AR/VR, Genie doesn’t just help our customers have a better day, she also works as a mascot, avatar, & cheerleader for our team.

Vikhyath SUVARNA

Data Scientist/Associate

5+ years in Health Data Analytics for a global health care & medical benefits company. Vikhyath is passionate about Health Tech, AI/ML and green energy.

Oliver TIAN

AI/Big Data Advisor

30+ Years in Tech, AI & Automation, Oliver is the VP of Global Robot Clusters & an Advisory Board member of AI for Good (Asia). He believes AI can augment human capability.


Genetics/Science Advisor

26 Years in Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics & Aging. Brian is an NUS Professor & the current Director in Centre of Healthy Longevity researching anti-aging.

Christopher BRIDGES

Legal Advisor

33 Years Commercial Law & Litigation. Christopher owns an established law firm and is passionate about championing social unjust, petting dogs, and great liquor.

GOH Jor Ming

Exercise/Physiology Advisor

19 Years in Exercise Physiology / Psychology & Sports Nutrition. Jor Ming is an experienced research scientist deciphering the secrets of health, aging & disease through exercise.

Our Location


While we are a multi-national and multi-racial company, our headquarter is located in sunny Singapore – the ‘Garden City’. Singapore is well known for being a global financial center, a metropolitan tourism spot, as well as a medical and wellness hub of S.E. Asia.


7 Temasek Boulevard

#12-07 Suntec Tower One

Singapore 038987


Our Advisors

We get smarter everyday because we have great mentors and advisors supporting us in our journey. Meet them below. 

CHANG Sau Sheong

CEO, SP Digital

Head honcho of SP Digital with 26 years of experience in IT, technology and programming. In the industry, he is known as the ‘Code Father’. Sau Sheong brings his vast experience and network of technology and business contacts to our team. 

Joshua R. SIM

Award Winning Music Educator

The only musician who won the international Electone Grand Prix with 20 years of teaching experiences grooming music talents in the region. Joshua brings his insights of teaching based on Nature and Nurture to us.


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