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[8 DAYS COACHING] 1-to-1 Personalised Chakra Healing Mediation Sessions

[8 DAYS COACHING] 1-to-1 Personalised Chakra Healing Mediation Sessions

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$ 261.80

$ 261.80

$ 261.80


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Learn to Heal and Align 7 Chakras in your Aura

There are 7 major chakras in body. As a junction of energy, thoughts, feelings, and the physical body, chakras have been called “focused energetic life-forces.”The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to “wheel” or “disk.” In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. To visualize a chakra in the body, imagine a swirling wheel of life-giving energy. It is important that your seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and flowing. If there’s a blockage, the flow of energy is constricted – like water forced to run through a narrow pipe. So it is too with our bodies and the chakras. The key to unblock, move, and transform your energy – so that you can reach your highest mental, physical, and spiritual potential. 

In This Session, You will Get

8 days Masterclass of 7 Chakras Meditation 

 Day 1 – Introduction to 7 Chakras and Meditation to find Chakra Blockage

Day 2-  Muladhar Chakra / Root Chakra Meditation 

Day 3- Swadishtnana / Sacral Chakra Meditation 

Day 4- Manipur / Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation 

Day 5- Anahata / Heart Chakra Meditation 

Day 6- Vishuddha / Throat Chakra Meditation 

Day 7- Ajna/ Third Eye Activation Meditation 

Day 8- Sahasrara / Crown Chakra Meditation 

Customised audios for Self Practice

Your meditation session will be under the guidance of a trained coach with a list of instructions given to you to follow while listening to the audio and practising.

You Need This Session If You Are

Having health complications in your life

Aiming to heal from the root level

Want to speed up the healing process and have a relaxed mind

Suffering from emotional trauma, anxiety or confusion with making the right decisions

We at The Healing Bay diligently work to help Everyone. Our aim is to heal everyone around us and create a healthy world filled with positivity and optimism for the coming generations. It is our responsibility to heal ourselves and pave the path for others. We have the best therapists. So join hands with us and be part of this journey.


Prerrna Agarwal

 AKA Praanii; is a Mind Coach, Meditation Coach, Intuitive Astrologer and Reader, Social Media Influencer and a Podcaster. She is certified from Transformation Academy, Florida in Mind Coaching and Life story Coaching. She is an expert in guiding with Rudrakshas and Gemstones.

Prerrna founded The Healing Bay in 2019, collaborated and partnered with many experts from all around the world to help clients. Her approach to spirituality has always been out-of-the-box. Along with Counseling, she also promotes Vedic Meditation as a powerful tool of healing. She is bringing international coaches to help people in India find their sole purpose in life through her podcast.


Is Meditation safe?
At The Healing Bay, the therapists are trained professionals and practice Ancient Indian therapeutic methods with various combination as a part of Ancient Indian Ayurveda which is a 100% safe way to battle any physical or mental issues.

Does my DNA report help make this service more effective?
Yes, we can totally personalize your audios using your DNA report and work on the root cause of the troubles.

How does this work?
Once you book the session and your desired timeslot, our therapist will connect with you on same day and start your personal class. You need to make sure that you book a time slot when you are totally free for one hour and in a peaceful environment. Check your headphones and internet connection beforehand. You are free to reschedule any three classes. Post that, Your session will not be rescheduled. You can discuss your preferred timings with the therapist over email. We will facilitate it as per your convenience and coach’s availability. 

If I don’t have my DNA report, can I still book this session? 

Yes absolutely. We have different methods to determine your issues and their root cause. Though it will be great if you get the Intuitive Astrological Analysis done with us prior to deeply understanding your planetary and chakra blockages. It makes the process of healing faster.
When will I see a notable difference? 
From the first day of practicing, you will be able to see a slight difference. Consistency is the key to any healing process, so regular practice will make you see a notable difference immediately.
Can I book this session for any of my family members or friend? 
You can certainly gift this session to anyone. 

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