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[45 MINS CONSULTATION] Freeze Your Age, Youthful Skin and Organs through Nutrition

[45 MINS CONSULTATION] Freeze Your Age, Youthful Skin and Organs through Nutrition

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$ 547.30

$ 547.30

$ 547.30

OriPRIME+ Anti-Aging DNA Test with Personalized Supplements - Unlock the secrets of your Longevity & Healthy Ageing genes

OriPRIME gives you 34 Insights into your general health, cognitive performance, inflammation and sleep quality covering more than 1800 genes. 

OriALLERGY DNA Test - Uncover the hidden allergies influenced by your genes!

Atopic dermatitis or eczema is usually characterized by dry, itchy skin or rashes on the face, inside the elbows, behind the knees and hands and feet. There is a strong genetic component in atopic dermatitis, where several genetic variants contribute to genetic susceptibility to skin dermal sensitivity and eczema.

IDENTIFY ME DNA Test Kit - Discover your Skin, Nutrition, Sports and Personality traits today!

Improve your lifestyle by knowing more about your body, ranging from nutrition to fitness, and many more.

BEAUTIFY ME DNA Test Kit - Discover your Skincare, Life and Nutrition traits today!

We match the most suitable skincare products to you by combining your DNA with artificial intelligence.

GAME CHANGER DNA Test Kit - Discover your Disease Risks, Drug Responses, Skin, Nutrition, Sports and Personality traits today!

Everything you need to know about you, from your disease risks to potentials, empowering your total transformation.


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Want to look youthful for your age? Want to have brighter skin?
 Do men need collagen?

Collagen is a protein your body makes naturally. While collagen is usually linked to smooth skin, the fact is that collagen is essential to hold body parts together and is one of the key ingredients in anti-ageing.

However, as you get older and age, Collagen production in your body starts to dip. You can’t measure the amount of collagen you have, but you can feel symptoms such as stiff joints and wrinkled skin.

Some people believe that by ingesting collagen, they can replace the collagen in their skin. This is not the case.

Collagen is naturally found in many animal products and is considered a type of protein. However, a protein that is ingested will be broken down into various amino acids during digestion. Once broken down, the collagen is no longer collagen, but a collection of amino acids. It’s a bit like if you take apart a table, it is no longer a table, but a collection of wood.

Some collagen-laced foods such as bone broth are also high in fats, cholesterol and residual antibiotics from the animals.

Often, creams or masks are advertised as containing collagen. However, there is no evidence that this benefits your skin. Your skin is made up of many layers and serves as a protective barrier against the outside world. It is not impenetrable.

There are many factors that determine if a molecule is able to pass through the skin, with size being an important factor. It is generally accepted that a molecule smaller than 500 Daltons is able to penetrate the skin.​

Collagen, however, is a large molecule, and exists as polymeric proteins, which means that the size can vary greatly, from about 80,000 to 120,000 Daltons. That is too large to penetrate and be absorbed by the skin, thereby providing no benefit. At best, the collagen will sit on top of your skin, and be washed off the next time you wash your face.

The FDA doesn’t regulate collagen supplements, so companies that make them don’t have to prove that they work or are safe.

Credit :, Collagen and Your body : What to Know

So what should I do to boost Collagen levels in my Body to improve my health?

For beautiful skin, we need to nourish the body from the inside out.

Our skin is considered an organ, and it works in conjunction with all the other organs in our body. To stay young and healthy, we need to take care of our entire body and all of our organs. Sometimes we equate the word “young” to mean no wrinkles, but the word “young” can also mean that your organs are, in fact, young. Some people can be 50 years old, but have an immune function of a 40 year old—these individuals will not get sick as easily.

There are many studies that have been done behind why we age, and a lot of research focuses on the effects of free radicals on aging. Numerous studies suggest that we age because our cells are damaged over time by free radicals. A diet high in antioxidants can help prevent free radicals from causing oxidative damage, or reduce the formation of free radicals in our body. This may slow the process of aging.​

To do this, we need to keep to a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables.

Some superfoods that contain high levels of antioxidants include acerola cherry, cactus fruit, rose, blueberries, and cranberries, and these are great for anti-aging.

Staying young is a lifestyle change. A diet that is high in antioxidants and plant foods, combined with healthy habits such as proper rest and exercise, will be most beneficial.

In this session, you will get

1 Personal Zoom Session To Clarify Myth VS Fact Diets
In depth 1-to-1 session to understand myths related to collagen and skin care. Do not fall into nutrition or skincare traps that cause more harm than good to you!

Ad-Hoc Consultations To Empower Yourself
Via phone or Whatsapp consultation for 1 month (as needed) to learn about the Do’s and Do-Not’s on dieting related to skincare and collagen.

Increase your confidence in making effective diet choices for sustained health benefits for you and your loved ones.

Get a Personalized Diet Recommendation
Give your immune system the right wholesome foods to self-produce collagen. Personalized diet recommendation can also be guided based on your DNA report (if you have one).

Get 1-month supply of Wholesome Foods & Skincare

Wholesome Food supplements will be sent to you in convenient sachets, to be taken as Breakfast.

These wholesome foods have undergone stringent food safety tests, and consistently achieve grade “A” by Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore under Food Factory Grading Scheme, now called Food Safety Agency of Singapore, since Year 2003.

Revolutionary daily moisturizer brings Oxygen to your skin. The skin that breathes is more youthful and brighter.

To some people, knowledge may be expensive to pursue; but it could be far more costly to remain ignorant, or worse, wrongly informed. This is especially true for Health.

A decade ago after a major health scare, Ee Ting learnt that the true cure starts with the right prevention. Through the Science of Nutritional immunology, she learnt that most health problems are caused by nutrition misconceptions. After taking the right actions for prevention, her health problems were resolved. Seeing the benefit to herself, Ee Ting established Nutriimmune, with the goal to share the knowledge and helped her Clients recover from various Health problems, and also avert potential health problems through Prevention.

Till date, she has clocked over 100 hours of public talks with various MNCs, the community, both locally and globally. Her talks bust nutrition myths and educate others to become wiser consumers. Ee Ting now dedicates her time to share the Gift of Health, guiding her Clients towards a Healthier way of Living, to blissfully avert illnesses.

“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.” ~African Proverb

What differentiates Nutriimmune’s services from other coaches in the market? 

The Science of Nutritional Immunology focuses on choosing the right wholesome plant food to nourish our immune system. Because our immune system is the best doctor in the world.

Our advisors focus not only on nutrition for survival, but also on nutrition required by our immune system. This includes dispelling common nutrition myths. 

Does my DNA report help make this service more effective?  
Your DNA report can be shared with us so that we can provide personalized solutions to address your concerns in terms of diet, nutrition and lifestyle.

Is this an online session? 
Yes. Once the booking is made, you will receive a Zoom link from us.

Will my information be shared with others?   
All the information provided by you during the session will be held strictly confidential.

Can the products in this offering be shipped globally?
Yes we ship to Singapore, Malaysia, USA, China, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea. For other areas, please contact us to confirm.

What are the premium ingredients in the daily moisturizer? 
(1) Perfluorocarbons (PFCs) help to achieve firmer and younger looking skin.
(2) Plant extracts to help defend against signs of aging.
(3) Peptides help to soothe and moisturize sensitive skin.
(4) Plant prebiotic helps to balance the skin’s microbiome.

Are there preservatives in the Wholesome Food?
Some fruits and vegetables are laced with wax or preservatives. In our case, there are no preservatives.

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